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Nature hums around the hive of my heart asking me to see her and echo her back to you

triptych jpeg  2.jpg
                                        The Ley of the land triptych 3 x (24 x 48) oil on canvas in  private collection 
Heading 6

Welcome to my Online gallery. The following works are a collection of paintings that represent what I've been making these last few years. You can purchase original paintings of mine from these galleries as well as from my studio gallery in the River Arts District.

TYGER TYGER  Gallery in person and online

The Mountain Nest gallery in person and online 

Artplay Studio and Gallery in person and online   

Woolworth walk gallery in person 

Etsy Print Shop 

Come visit me at my studio and gallery located at  Riverview stations studios in the River Arts District 191 Lyman St. Asheville 28801

Feel free to visit and/or schedule an in person or virtual studio visit +1 828 707 0623 

Mid Winter Silence oil on canvas 24 x 36
Spring Heralds oil on canvas 36 x 48
Mid wood silence 24 x 18 oil on canvas private collection 
Spring Heralds 36 x 48 oil on canvas, private collection 
Going Home 60 x 72 acrylic on canvas private collection 
Winter calling Spring 36 x 48 oil on canvas private collection 
  Seeing into the light of things 60 x 72 Private collection 
Tahlullah 24 x 30 oil on canvas private collection 
Anú 36 x 48 Oil on canvas Private collection
Hawks flight 36 x 48 oil on canvas private collection 
Earth Icons, altar pieces, retablos  All in private collections 

The Rush 

Presently exhibited at the Radical hotel in Asheville as part of their Cycle 1 exhibition. 24 x 36 earth pigemets and  acrylic on canvas. 



36 x 36 

Acrylic and earth pigments on canvas. In the collection of Zelda Dearest Boutique hotel. Asheville NC 

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