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        Art Classes


“We are touched by what we touch, we are shaped by what we shape, we are enhanced by what we enhance”. Thomas Berry


Teaching and Guiding Artistic Expression

through creative development and deep noticing

One of my great loves is guiding and teaching others to develop their own creative practices.

I have taught for twenty years. My experience has been rich and broad, from teaching life drawing and concept development at third level art institutions to secondary level as well as a community artist in resident in various projects and initiatives both in Ireland and in the U.S. Teaching in the community has always been an important part of my practice as an artist.


Over the past five years, I have worked a great deal one to one with students, specializing in the exploration of the creative process. As I have grown myself, as an artist and teacher, I have found it to be the essential foundation for finding one's authentic creative voice and finding great joy in one's own art-making.


These one to one classes are part of a series I teach entitled Encounters with Beauty. This is a deep dive into your own creative impulse, a guided exploration into the threads of your interest, seeing you through your discoveries, finding your sense of aesthetic, and a clear awareness of where and how you can grow. All whilst broadening and learning essential skills and experience with different art materials. This will entail a good deal of drawing, (sketching, drafting, drawing from life and concept drawing) working with some and maybe all of the following, watercolors, acrylics, inks, oils, watercolor crayons, and collage, as well as mixed media, journaling, dream tracking, and time with nature working Plein air.  

My objective is to enable you to make tangible your creative dreams and surprise yourself along the way with what you are capable of and how deeply you can connect with your work.


What does a one- to- one class entail?

Encounters with Beauty, creative development, and practice. 

Presently a  waiting list for classes. If you'd like to be added please get in touch. 

All one -to- one classes begin with an introductory chat and a set of three sessions which range from 90 minutes to 2 hours over three weeks. This initial commitment is really helpful to give you a good start, enough time to get a real sense of how I teach and feel the shift in skill with some guidance, time, and practice. After this period we talk again. For some, these sessions are a real catalyst and set them off on a project which they then return to me for guidance on, periodically. For other students the formal structure of the class supports them and we continue meeting regularly. As you can imagine this depends a great deal on a student's level, age, skillset, creative goals, wishes and lifestyle.


Being a parent and artist has given me a very realistic understanding of the different ways in which exploring, learning, and growing as an artist can be different for different people's lives. Guidance in how to take steps in integrating creative practices into life is a significant part of our learning together.


How much does it cost?

Encounters with beauty introduction and set of three classes ranging from 90 minutes - 2 hours each, over three weeks $250

Regular classes hereafter per hour $60, for ninety minutes $75, and for 2 hours $100.

Online Classes

classes are also available online through face time and zoom at the same cost.

Children's classes

I work with all ages from 4 years and up. With young children, I facilitate creative play with parents in my studio. It's a busy world, that often leaves little time to sink into creative play and I am glad to provide space and inspiration for that. I also offer online classes for children from 8 years and up.

Materials costs: If you provide your own materials there is no extra cost. In our initial chat we will talk about materials. Having some experience using quality materials is a valuable part of learning, though I also love the challenge of working with what you have got.  An approximate materials cost, where materials are provided by me for an initial three classes is  $60

Please feel free to contact me at or 001 828 707 0623 if you would like to talk more about classes

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