Contemplative Art 


“We are touched by what we touch, we are shaped by what we shape, we are enhanced by what we enhance”. Thomas Berry


Teaching and Guiding artistic expression through creative development and deep noticing.

One of my great loves is guiding and teaching others to develop their own creative lives. It is my belief that a great deal of art making comes from learning to trust in our capacities to be creative. I turn to the natural world for that inspiration, guidance and reassurance all the time, and to the understanding that I am a part of a creative impulse that has always been. Making Art in this approach, exploring trust on paper or canvas whilst practicing and expanding skills is a process tremendously valuable and enriching to life. When given encouraging space and right circumstance art is given life. This experiential way brings a sense of wonder and presence and a much deeper relationship with the essence of creativity.

We have the power to make things as a tree makes a leaf or as a flower opens. Remembering this natural kind of artistry has  been a potent rediscovery for me. After all we are nature and a part of the ecosystems around us. Art is a fundamental way in which we can explore this communion. Humans have always turned to art for understanding and deeper knowing and to express their lives. Over millennia and much else we have been distracted far from this essential quality of being human.

Art is for all of us and always has been. As a teacher I guide students to grow the skills they need and the confidence to allow themselves to fully explore ways in which they can be creative and transform materials ino art.

In classes we wonder about beauty together and consider ways in which we can reflect beauty through our work. Defining beauty as that which makes us feel more alive, gives me as teacher a range of possibility but also a careful circling around what matters most, presence, authentic exploration, experience and  expression. It is an enriching path and along the way art happens.

This may include, drawing( analytical, still life, life drawing, gestural drawing, sketch book keeping) Painting techniques, exploring color, contemplative practices in the natural world, diary keeping, journaling, mixed media, and collage. Using charcoals, pencils, inks, oil paints and acrylics.

I have taught Art and creative process for 18 years. I have worked with all ages and in various capacities, as a community artist, in educational institutions teaching concept development, drawing, and from my own studio creating one to one series of classes for creative skills and development.

Seasonally I offer Encounter's with Beauty, a weekend of deep noticing and art making with the Natural World.

The next Encounters with Beauty will take place at Sacred Mountain Sanctuary in Candler North Carolina in early  March 2020.


I teach private one to one classes. These are catered to the individual needs of the student and focus a great deal on a contemplative approach to creativity, and finding one's own unique way and building confidence, practicing and broadening skills. 

I work with SOLA. School of Living Arts in Candler NC. periodically I teach at SOLA with their middle and high school students bringing immersive weeks of aesthetics and art. I also welcome high school interns from SOLA who work with me in my studio. This winter I will work with SOLA as artist in Residence from January 21st till February 29th.

If you would like to talk about making art with me or register for classes please email me

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