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Welcome to this virtual gallery of my works on paper. Most of these works have sold. If you would like to arrange a in- person or virtual visit, to see what works are available, in progress; or to commission works inspired by what you have seen here, drop me a line or give me a bell. You can also see new works on Instagram as Elizabetharthouse  and buy Prints from my Etsy shop

 Looking deeper, "My own personal Helicon"  Watercolor and pen on paper 
red lyre .jpg
Red Roots of a blooming life 2018 red pen and watercolor on paper 
_O9E5778 PMF v2.jpg
Taobh Isteach watercolor, pencil and acrylic on paper. 
Four moons in the meadow 2017 watercolor, acrylic and pen on paper 
May cell  copy.jpg
Summer Cell, Raheen woods watercolor and pencil on paper 
may birth.jpg
May, waterclor, pencil and acrylic on paper 
Nordlys, watercolor, paint and pencil on paper  2017 
Winter cell, watercolor, pencil pen on paper 
_O9E5777 PMF v2.jpg
Belonging 1 watercolor and pen, pencil on paper 
Butterflies Mark WIP GF - Version 3.jpg
Leaving the woods watercolor and pencil on paper 
 Upper Glendalough watercolor, pen and pencil on paper 
Mont Segur watercolor and pen on paper
Sleep WIP v1.jpg
Sleeping, watercolor, pencil and acrylic on paper 
red boat .jpg
Red boat carrying, watercolor and pen on paper 
_O9E5790 PMF v2 .jpg
Koyo watercolor, acrylic and pen on paper 
_O9E5796 PMF v3.jpg
At the edge of the forest, watercolor, acrylic, pencil and pen on paper 
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