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an exhibition of new paintings by Elizabeth Porritt Carrington and Kim Beller at Artplay Gallery and studio here in Asheville, NC

Hello there, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our show opening on Friday night. That is November 4th, 5.30 till 8. At ArtPlay Gallery and studio on Depot St. here in Asheville. We will celebrate our new work and the first anniversary of ArtPlay Gallery and studio with a reception of drinks, plant-based bites, and the wonderful Jennie Bruner on fiddle.

Kim and I have been working with this echoing theme since late Spring. We have dived into a dreamtime-like visioning of human-Earth connection in our conversations, texting across oceans, sending pictures, journalling, sketching out..... in our paintings. We hope to convey an echoing, this sort of calling to each other, with the natural world, to our remembering of the world and our dream of how it can be.

I continue to work with the Irish phrase, Tá Tír na nÓg ar cúl an tí, ( that the spiritual world or a kind of heaven, is in our backyard), where it's wild, Nature shows us the nature of circling life. This phrase is entwined in what I do and seems ever deeper and closer. Many of my new works for the show were made in Ireland. I purchased an acre of land and a cottage there, Swallows Rest in the early Spring. It is in the beautiful Burren region. I spent six weeks working there in the summer.

I met Kim while taking a class she taught at Artplay in visual journaling last winter. I felt such a kindred spirit in her art process and practice it was such a sure flow toward working together.

We have collaborated on several pieces for echoing, and are bringing many new works. I'm excited to share these with you soon.

For those who can't make the show and want to see what we're up to, we will do a virtual tour of the show together on Instagram in the coming weeks. And as always feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

Limited edition prints of our collaborated image on our show poster will also be available at the opening and online shortly.

Look out for an upcoming class I'm offering on December 3rd at Artplay

Every good wish to you



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